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small_teddybear_m.jpg (223192 bytes)
"Teddy Bear" (UTBI)
Inlay Wood Art
Maple with Cherry Inlay
small_md3d_thelord_w.jpg (151913 bytes)
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" (MD3D) Walnut
Memorial Display ~ Keepsake
small_md3d_fishing_o.jpg (331582 bytes)
"Bass Fishing" (MD3D) Oak
Memorial Display ~ Keepsake
Available with any Inlay or 3D Art
small_u18s.jpg (178036 bytes)
The "Majesty" Small Urn (U18S) Cherry
small_u20s.jpg (145682 bytes)
The "New Orleans" Small Urn (U20S) Purple Heart & Natural Cherry
small_u6s_c.jpg (49000 bytes)
The "Boston II" Small Urn (U6S) Cherry
small_boxwood_w.jpg (160409 bytes)
The "Boxwood" Small Urn (U7BWS) Walnut
small_u2cdrs_l.jpg (249097 bytes)
Small Cedar Urn (U2CDRS)
small_u2bams_l.jpg (80593 bytes)
Small Bamboo Urn (U2BAMS)
small_photo_hor_o.jpg (170547 bytes)
"Small Photo Display" Urn ~ Horizontal (PDSH) Natural Cherry
small_photo_hor_r.jpg (134949 bytes)
"Small Photo Display" Urn ~ Horizontal (PDSH) Rosewood
small_sonata_cdr.jpg (62159 bytes)
Small Sonata Cedar Urn (U1CDRS)
small_boston2_cdr_rt.jpg (58908 bytes)
Small "Boston II" Cedar Urn (U6CDRS)
small_up3s_c.jpg (118694 bytes)
Partial ~ Keepsake Urn (
small_newport_cdr.jpg (248505 bytes)
The "Newport" Cedar Small Urn (U9CDRS)
Six Wood Choices
small_horiz_lcph.jpg (206648 bytes)
Small Horizontal Urn (BU3S)
Light Cherry & Purple Heart
small_cube_o.jpg (102289 bytes)
Small Cube Urn (BU2S)
small_horiz_c.jpg (200623 bytes)
Small Horizontal Urn (BU3S)
small_horiz_r.jpg (44613 bytes)
Small Horizontal Urn (BU3S)

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