Urns that recognize service to our country. God Bless America!
Any medallion available on any urn.
All urns on this page are full size adult urns with 200 cu. in. capacity, unless otherwise noted.
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mil_freedom_r.jpg (333030 bytes)
The "President's" Urn (U3) B+
mil_freedom_o.jpg (112465 bytes)
The "President's" Urn (U3) B+
mil_freedom_w.jpg (330557 bytes)
The "President's" Urn (U3) B+
mil_smallurn_c.jpg (118694 bytes)
Partial ~ Keepsake Urn
value_diplomat_m_l.jpg (222374 bytes)
The "Diplomat" (U5P) E+
Maple w/ Navy
mil_memorychest_r_air.jpg (61966 bytes)
Military Urn w/Memory Chest (U4P) E+
value_freedom_w_army.jpg (82085 bytes)
The "President's" Urn (U3) B+
 Walnut w/ Army
value_pd46_o.jpg (77925 bytes)
Boxwood Urn (U7BW)  B+
Maple w/ Navy

value_pd46_o.jpg (77925 bytes)
Photo Display Urn (PD46P)
 Oak w/ Marine Corps

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