Beautiful designs that touch the heart.
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insp_thelord_w.jpg (272018 bytes)
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" (U31) Walnut
insp_lord_m.jpg (292715 bytes)
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" (U31) Maple
insp_ourlady_o.jpg (499823 bytes)
"Our Lady Of Guadalupe" (U30) G
insp_ourlady_ow.jpg (511082 bytes)
"Our Lady Of Guadalupe" (U30SW) F
insp_bible_cross_w.jpg (103471 bytes)
The "Bible" ~ Cross (U17)
Book Urn ~ No Cross (U17NI)
insp_bible_psalm_o.jpg (118822 bytes)
The "Bible" ~ Psalm 23 (U17)
Your choice of engraving. (U17CE)
Also available in Spanish.
insp_bible_doves_w.jpg (113586 bytes)
The "Bible" ~ Doves (U17)
insp_book_w.jpg (95402 bytes)
The "Book" Urn (U17NI)
insp_newport_praying_c.jpg (111852 bytes)
The "Newport" ~ Praying Hands (U9)
insp_newport_wheat_c.jpg (94422 bytes)
The "Newport" ~ Wheat (U9)
insp_newport_angel_c.jpg (136137 bytes)
The "Newport" ~ Angel (U9)
insp_newport_ourlady_c.jpg (106647 bytes)
"Our Lady Of Guadalupe" (U9)
insp_inlay_cross_w.jpg (281366 bytes)
Inlay Wood Art ~ Cross (U10)
insp_inlay_doves_w.jpg (82971 bytes)
Inlay Wood Art ~ Doves (U10)
insp_inlay_menorah_w.jpg (314447 bytes)
Inlay Wood Art ~ Menorah (U10)
insp_inlay_star_david_w.jpg (99370 bytes)
Inlay Wood Art ~ Star of David (U10)
insp_ham_rhb_motorcyclecross_w.jpg (289575
"Riding Home" (U22)
Motorcycle & Cross (or Moon)
insp_amb_rhm_horse_cross_w.jpg (89427 bytes)
"Riding Home" Mountains (U25)
Horse & Cross (or Moon)
insp_amb_beach_cross_m.jpg (69373 bytes)
"Footprints in the Sand" (U25)
insp_oct_butterfly_w.jpg (91424 bytes)
Octagon Style (U24)
insp_dragon_lc.jpg (109516 bytes)
The "Dragon" (U89)
insp_inlay_doves_horiz_w.jpg (122767 bytes)
Inlay Wood Art ~ Doves (U39)

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