Urns that have been the industry standard for 20 years.
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comp_pdc_h_w.jpg (62015 bytes)
Photo Companion Urn
(Horiz. PDC-H or Vertical PDC-V)
comp_inlay_doves_w.jpg (82971 bytes)
Inlay Wood Art ~ Love Birds
Companion Urn (U8LB)
comp_boxwood_w.jpg (160495 bytes)
Companion "Boxwood" Urn (U7BWC)
comp_memchest_c.jpg (54950 bytes)
Companion Urn with Laser Art Carving (C4S)
comp_boston2_c.jpg (43257 bytes)
The "Boston II"
Companion Urn (U6C)
comp_roses_vert_r.jpg (406625 bytes)
"Roses" Vertical
Companion Urn (U8V)
comp_mem_cedar_l.jpg (57919 bytes)
Cedar Companion Urn (CDRC)
comp_mem_bamboo_dk.jpg (194733 bytes)
Bamboo Companion Urn (BAMC)
Designer Bamboo
comp_ham_motherslove.jpg (271814 bytes)
"Mother's Love" Companion Urn (U22C)
Available with any 3D Inlay Wood Art
Any two 3D Inlay Wood Art Designs Front & Back
comp_boston2_cdr_rt.jpg (58908 bytes)
The "Boston II"
Companion Urn (U6CDRC)
comp_bible_doves_w.jpg (112532 bytes)
The "Bible" ~ Love Birds
Companion Urn (U17C)
comp_jesus_w.jpg (244315 bytes)
"The Lord Is My Shepherd"
Companion Urn (U31C)      Walnut (Click for oak)
comp_inlay_roses_red_m.jpg (124408 bytes)
Companion Rosewood Inlay Roses (U14C)
Maple or Cherry
comp_ren_w.jpg (102965 bytes)
The "Renaissance"
Companion Urn (U13RC)

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